About Pixel Perfect.

Architectural and advertising visualisation experts since 1994. Pixel Perfect provide exterior and interior 3d visualisation renders, architectural visualisations, CGI illustrations, walkthrough animations, presentations and TV commercials.

Established in 1994, have created CG illustrations and animations for architecture, property development, interior design, products, TV, advertising, planning, raising finance and sales.

Working closely with their clients production process, ensure visualisation illustrations, 3d renders and animations communicate every design with impressive results. We aim to maximise brand impact and sales potential with exceptional quality.

With wealth of experience in design, architecture, advertising, digital media and film making, have passion and desire to create beautiful and breathtaking images and animations.

Pixel Perfect are dedicated to delivering impressive imagery (still and moving), these communicates clients designs, properties and products. Help deliver results, achieve sales, planning permission, raise finance and present brand awareness in the best possible way.

Our extensive list of clients means Pixel Perfect has been entrusted with the delivering visualisations, advertisements and animated presentations/commercials for many important and significant projects. 

Supply services to architects, interior designer, advertising agencies, design agencies, property developers, TV & Film production companies and corporate clients. Pixel Perfect can produce single one off images or large scale broadcast productions.

So whether you project is large or small would delighted hear from you. We will quickly provide no obligation quotation based your requirements.

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